Tuesday, August 5, 2008


. Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yesterday, Mr. Salim was admitted to the ward. He was admitted for drug stabilization of his epilepsy, which currently becomes apparent almost daily in grand mall seizures. Mr. Salim is aged 17, his condition and nutritional state are normal. He lives with his parents, for the past month s, he has been training to become an office worker.

At aged 10, Mr. Salim from meningitis. Subsequently, epileptic seizures requiring drug stabilization were observed for the first timer. In due course, the number of seizures decreased. Salim suffered no seizures between ages 14 and 16. The seizures started to reappear only six month ago.

Salim states that he has changed his formely regular lifestyle, claiming that he spends a lot of time with his friends and “participates in everything” to avoid becoming an outsider. In addition, he says that he needs the change as a contrast to the “boring dekwork”. He states that he has only opted for this apprenticeship because he could not find a job as a landscape gardener. He would like to work in the open air and translate what he knows in theory in practice

His mother states that Salim spend almost every day with his friends, going to discotheques and celebrating, on these days, her son comes home late and his often drunk. The next day, he frequently suffer from epileptic seizures. She says that his GP has told Salim about the connection between his current lifestyle and the number of seizures but Salim is not willing to give up “the good things this life”, he wants to live like his friends.

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